Improving the Usability of Enigmail.


Enigmail is a free add-on (extension) for the Thunderbird open source email client. Enigmail can encrypt and sign emails using GPG (GnuPG).

The EnigUsab project was initiated by Keith Andrews and Ralph Wozelka in 2015. It seeks to improve the usability of Enigmail, by finding usability problems through usability testing and then submitting fixes to the Enigmail project for (some of) those problems.



Keith Andrews, Ralph Wozelka, Carina Enzinger, Bianca Helbig, Jacqueline Rinnhofer, and Johannes Feiner; Improving the Usability of Enigmail; Talk at UX Day Graz 2017, on Sat 11 Nov 2017. https://cdn.isds.tugraz.at/uxdaygraz2017/videos/andrews-uxdg-2017-11-11-showcase.mp4
Ralph Wozelka, Keith Andrews, Carina Enzinger, Bianca Helbig, and Jacqueline Rinnhofer; (Un)Usability of Enigmail; Talk at Grazer Linuxtage 2016, on Sat 30 Apr 2016. http://keithandrews.com/talks/2016/glt-2016-enigusab/